Tired but…

Purely writing this morning due to the fact I need to occupy myself on the train. I’m very tired so apologies for any grammar errors although I never said my grammar and punctuation were amazing-they aren’t.

I have a lot of cramping going on due to the camera and scrape I had yesterday under a GA. I’m also very tired which is normal. A little bit scared to be travelling as I have a headache but I’m stubborn so I’m going anyway.  I must wait for my results now but the doctor said she saw nothing sinister apart from a thickened lining so fingers crossed.

I am always intrigued by the way people react after waking from their anaesthetics. A girl next to me woke up crying, and another shouting. For some unknown reason nothing happens to me. I just have amazing dreams and wake up quite suddenly. By the time I woke up around 4:30pm I was ravenous. I was in a rush to be discharged though and managed to get out by 7. Groggy is not the word today but I just need to push through.

So I’m on my way to Paris this morning. How exciting. I’ve been around Paris before but never central. I love France. I’ve been to the Pyreneese, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille Neice, Montpellier the Ardeche and Annecy.  I love the food and the culture and the people are great. Very warm and funny, (although I’m told Parisians are rather brusque). 

So anyway it’s salut from me, and I will no doubt write about my French adventure toute suite! 


you gotta wear Louis when in Paris

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