I’m not She-Ra!

I’m  officially blogging from my sick bed. If that sounds a tad over dramatic it’s meant to!

Here’s a tip. If you’ve got a slow burner of a cold, eat spicy food. Your nose will suddenly start streaming and you will sneeze constantly. This happened yesterday  and now I feel terrible but at least it’s leaving my body and  there’s Lucozade and Netflix. (FYI Whiskey does not help your cold or flu unless you’re meant to drink a bottle)?! 

Lucozade is a staple when I’m feeling ill- my mum used to always buy it for me so now I buy it for myself as a kind of comfort I guess. 

In other thoughts: Why are the bad things in life so addictive? Is it because doing things you shouldn’t is exciting, or is it because bad is all  we think we deserve if that’s what we’ve been used to?  I don’t know. 

It’s so hard to stay away from something that makes you feel so good at the time and yet you know it has and will make you feel bad long term. The more I tell myself no, the more I gravitate towards it. My “nicotine” so to speak.. Except my poison is a person. I think I’m probably their poison too and I’m equally as bad for them. 

There will be lots of time to think as I spend my weekend wallowing in tissues and snot. I’ve cancelled my night out with my friends which is typical as I’ve not been out properly for weeks. 


I think going to Paris  the morning after my GA was very irresponsible and I really must learn to think things through and not see myself as this invincible woman. I’m not She-Ra. I don’t have super strengths. Coincidence or not my immune system has been surpressed and now I’m paying the price. 

I must remember  to keep reminding myself that  life is not a rush or a race. Slow down Caroline slow down.


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