To the ones taken too soon. 

Last year I made a video about nine of my friends (including me) who’d  all had a cancer diagnosis. Most of us were 1 or 2 years on at the time of putting it together. Video is here 

When I made the video my intentions were good and I thought that perhaps people who had just been diagnosed could see that positive things came out of a diagnosis and we we all living proof that you could survive this. 

Then I just forgot about the video. I got busy with living, and  I worked hard on other projects and kept myself busy.

I realised when rewatching the video today that 3/9 of us are no longer alive. 3 died which is  one third of our group. One lady was in her 40s one was 37 and the other Jo only 30. They all died this year. 

I really miss those girls and I feel bad in a way that I celebrate their lives in the video insinuating that they beat cancer and they are living amazing lives like they deserved to live. 

Sometimes you get lost in the small detail of your work and don’t see the bigger picture. I made the video for others but never appreciated these quotes and photos enough myself. They were just words on a screen.


Of course they didn’t lose any fight or battle, they were just  very unlucky and the cancer was too advanced to treat. 

Maybe I will make a other video as the story seems unfinished..But for now the six of us live on and long may it continue x 

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