Love me like you do..(or not at all).

I always think there  are 3 types of people. 

Genuinely nice people 

Genuine arseholes 

Disingenuous people. 

 The first group of people are obviously my preferred choice of people to be around, but I respect the arseholes too because they are honest and don’t pretend to be nice or interested in your life. 

The third group of people are the worst kind. They pry; not because they care, but because they are nosey. They are insincere, two-faced, crafty, calculating mean and generally unhappy people inside. 

It is surely a coward who pretends to be someone they’re not. Getting   ahead in life may be the main goal, but it’s surely knowing you were true to yourself that really matters in the end. 

I’ve always said it’s important to have a partner and/or friends that push you  and encourage your dreams and ideas- as much as you do them. 

Surround yourself with people  that make you believe in yourself as much as they do. Self-confidence comes from loving who you are and accepting you are great, but also from having positive affirmations through life…



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