Mouse and the cheese…

The thing you want the most needs to be obtainable, or your hopes and dreams will surely be crushed if it’s simply unobtainable.

I need to be understood so badly. It’s all I ever wanted. It’s hard to understand me-even I don’t understand me much of the time. I am complex because my life has been complex.

In a fast-paced world people don’t have the time. They don’t see things anymore. They don’t look between the lines. But when someone understands you it’s so precious. When someone understands you when you’re a little fucked up and a little different, that’s more precious.

You cannot put a lovely piece of cheese in front of a mouse and continue to wave it in front of the stupid mouses face every day. 

“I  know you want this piece of cheese mouse but I’m not going to give it to you I’m just going to wave that cheese in front of your face, the thing you want the most every day so you want it more and more. Stupid mouse. I know you want the cheese and it’s funny teasing you with it!”


So the mouse may enjoy the lovely waft off the pungent cheese and even enjoy the game in a roundabout way. Maybe one day he might even win, OR, the mouse can stop eating cheese and go cold turkey. No more cheese!  He can turn  his back and stop playing the game…


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