So I spent most of the day thinking it was Tuesday. It’s funny how the brain works. I forget what the day is but I can tell you what happened in Neighbours in 1989! I blame the chemo for my chemo brain although 2 years on I am much sharper and on the ball and most of my memory function is back now. (At least I think it is! Oh wait)!

Some people say chemo brain doesnt exist and the reason we have cognative problems is a kind of post traumatic stress like soldiers who have been to war. I can’t ever imagine what it’s like to be at war and I never want to but I understand trauma and I understand fear. 

I’ve entitled this blog “Woesday” because Wednesday is a neither here nor there day of the week and I was born on a Wednesday which apparently means I’m woeful but I don’t think that’s true. I just feel deeply about things whether they’re happy events or sad. 

It turns out that Woesday wasn’t woeful at all and I learned a lot today about myself and others.  I learned that what’s most important to me- clarity communication and understanding is not necessarily as important to others. That’s ok. I would always try to give somebody those things because most of us seek the truth when we are unsure about a situation or we want reassurance. 

It’s  funny that a year ago I would be pissed if people didn’t communicate their issues with me but now I just shrug it off.  It doesn’t matter. I am better than that.  I have bigger fish to fry.  

I thought a lot this morning  about my losing my hair 2 years ago and how it seems to be every womans worst fear. (At least ones I speak to going through treatment). I don’t tell them I lost mine because it just feels embarrassing and really awkward. Imagine somebody telling you their worst nightmare situation and that was once your life! 

I started this post with very little to say but I think I had more on my mind than I thought..


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