Love, family and forgiveness.

It’s just two weeks until Christmas and I can’t believe how excited I am!

I think the key to feeling festive must be about surrounding yourself with the right people and having no drama or complications in your life. Not forgetting getting yourself in the mood a little earlier- for me I started watching Christmas films back in mid November, although I’m saving my two favourites until as close to the day as possible-Love actually and Home alone.

I love both films because they teach us that it doesn’t matter about expensive gifts or material things because Christmas is really about love, family and forgiveness. 


Last night I was out and was chatted up at the bar. I even had a bit of a kiss in the rain outside sans mistletoe. It was just what I needed. (I’m not sure if it’ll blossom in to love though actually)..😊

As i approach a new year I’m putting changes in place to start 2016 with no stress and no complications. I am still on the road to recovery and will absolutely not tolerate anyone taking advantage of how vulnerable  I can be sometimes or messing with my head unnecessarily.

I will be putting myself first. 



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