I just landed on the moon! 

So I didn’t just take a small step, I took a  giant leap for mankind! I more or less just landed on the moon! Not in the literal sense but in the personal achievement sense!

 I bloody did it! I told someone I liked about my cancer. Not all of the story, not just little bits, but certainly the important bits. Now I know it doesn’t perhaps  seem like that  big a deal, but it is and here’s why.

1) When you like someone it’s a bit scary because you would quite like them to like you back (faults and all). My boobs  scars  and cancer diagnosis are not faults but not everyone will want to deal with that. That’s ok.

2) I’ve told a couple of people before who’ve been freaked out and not dealt with it very well and it was hurtful so now I feel guarded and wary. It’s obvious that I’ve been unlucky but you convince yourself that no one will be accepting and it all starts to feel a bit hopeless. 

I honestly could not have wanted it to go any better. He didn’t ask questions about my reconstruction, he didn’t pry, it didn’t dominate the conversation. There were lots of lovely lovely things said, ( I took it all in).😊There’s no need to mention everything here because perhaps things won’t work out down the line,therefore it serves no purpose to reveal too much. 

But the issue here is not about meeting someone I might want as a boyfriend in the future, but having the courage to tell someone and them being accepting and amazing about it. 

That’s the first step. The rest can and will come later. 




  1. Lia Brown

    So proud of you Caroline! You have made tremendous steps in your life after cancer! Everything you write about I can relate! You are expressing your inner thoughts so eloquently and also so raw! I admire you! You are on the right truck girl! Keep it up! Enjoy this Christmas with your beautiful girls. Let the New Year take you in new Highs in your personal life and your career! May all your wishes come true! Lia xx


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