Many people won’t talk about it…

I fully intended to have a blog break but I simply had to blog about this amazing guy Daniel and his tweets. He’s a writer and suffers with depression. 

To me being a good writer means being extremely honest, and allowing the reader in to the dark depths of your soul. As a reader, resonating with the writer is precious. It’s delightful when you relate to something that perhaps you’re scared to express yourself. It gives me a warm feeling that I simply cannot get anywhere else. 

Were it not for great communicators, the people who open themselves up to criticism by making themselves vulnerable, stigmas would still be rife, people would feel even more alone and misunderstood with their thoughts and problems.

It is a gift to be a great writer and move people with words alone. I love to write but for me it was always a release and more of a hobby. I’m in awe of people when they talk about subjects such as  depression and mental illness so candidly. 

So…Let’s be frank: Telling people that you don’t like Christmas is almost blasphemy to some. Saying you don’t like Christmas  because you have depression and because you self-loathe and are full of guilt is perhaps even more shocking- but it’s a reality for many-many more people than you will ever know of. I used to be this person. This year maybe not so much, but some of the feelings are still there. 

The loneliest times can be when you’re surrounded by lots of people who are having fun. Like Daniel says it doesn’t mean you begrudge other people’s fun, you just hate yourself for not being as happy as everybody else.

Anyway, That really is all from me for this year. (Promise). I’ll leave you with Daniel Dalton’s tweets. Xx




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