Forgiveness v self-worth. 

Happy New Year! 

I just wanted to begin by saying that not blogging for a week has been tough to say the least. It’s not that I wasn’t busy enjoying myself, but not writing daily leads my mind to be cluttered and makes me rather hyperactive and anxious. 😁

 Sometimes I wonder how people who don’t write cope without an outlet. People often say to me that they have nothing to blog about which I laugh at because it’s simply not true. Everybody is interesting in their own way and somebody out there will love reading your musings.



 Anyway as I lay bleary-eyed this morning, hangover level 3, half my make-up still on and hair looking like a disturbed  birds nest, I wondered if forgiving someone is always the answer or whether sometimes you are more important than forgiveness, and it’s actually ok to hold grudges or simply keep your distance from people?

In other words-is forgiving everybody who hurt you weak, or is it the key to a happy life? 

Putting ego aside for a minute, I think there needs to be a balance. If people think they can treat you badly and get away with it they often will.  If we are are too passive we mostly  won’t say anything to the perpetrators  but we will probably  moan about it to anyone who will listen. Although I wish I could be more kind and more passive sometimes, I think on the whole passiveness is a pretty weak trait and very annoying.

There’s nothing wrong with  saying to someone “Hey what you did is not ok,” and then keeping your distance from them. 

Forgiveness doesn’t even always have to be factored in does it?   Self-worth does though surely? You are important and so is your happiness. However, we all make mistakes. How important is the person to you? People you care about may deserve your forgiveness or at least a second chance.

 My question is- if you never fight for what you believe in how will you ever be truly happy?  You simply become a prisoner of your own thoughts and pent up frustrations. 



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