Do you ever think you’re a little bit evil?

Do you ever laugh to yourself about things you shouldn’t really laugh about? Situations that are so stressful they start to become amusing?

  I’m not talking about laughing at people’s misfortune or real  tragedies, just silly things that don’t really matter at all but somehow take up a lot of your head space. Hmmm…

What is it with keyboard warriors on social media? They surely must be very insecure to mock women about their size from behind a screen. The problem with mean words is they hurt others. People don’t think about that though they are just desperate for a cheap laugh and retweets because that equals recognition. If you like, nearly everybody is on social media for some form of recognition and ego stroking and that’s ok providing you don’t get social status from being a bully. I try to go by the rule-don’t tweet anything I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Everything you say and everything you do in life has a consequence.

Isn’t  January a boring month? I’m a little uninspired to write at the moment. Sometimes I think January should be summer like it is in Australia as it must be a lot easier to deal with the post festive blues in the hot sunshine.

2016 is going to be such a packed year. It’s going to be the year I finish my book and the year they finish my body and my reconstruction so I don’t have much of an excuse to be uninspired really. My life is always far from dull. X


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