Life sans womb. 

Weirdest titled blog ever! But whilst I flit like a crazy person between being utterly mortified and pissed off and it’s no big deal in the grand scheme of things, I figured I’d write a list of pros of having a preventive hysterectomy at 36 years old. This is my poor attempt to inject some lighthearted humour in to this unfortunate situation. Bear with…

1. No more periods. No more period pain. No more tampax. No more ‘oh shit my period came early and I’m wearing white’ moments. Twenty years of menstruation taken away. I equate that to an average of 240 periods I won’t have to have. 

2. No more smear tests. Bye bye cervix! (Yes that goes too). No more being probed by cold metal objects. 

3. There will be no fear of pregnancy EVER! I won’t be able to get pregnant without a womb which means no contraception, no condoms no artificial hormones no coil. Where does the sperm go though? Weird question- actually kept me awake this morning. Perhaps they get lost and confused. Poor sperm.😬

4. Increased sex drive.  Apparently wombless women have a higher libido. Who knew?  

sex face
 5. Improved mood and happier. Not sure this is real but maybe to do with hormones or no PMS! That deserves a mention of its own really.people will no longer be worried I might attack them mid-rage!

6. And drum roll-the stupidest reason of all, my dog was spayed and she is awesome. She felt sorry for herself for one day and then she was back to her old self. There would be two of us in the house sans uterus, which is weirdly comforting?!

Anyway lots of decisions to be made but no immediate rush to make them. 


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