Breast reconstruction stage 2-let’s do this.

I never take my extraordinary life for granted. Surprises are frequent. Some good, some bad.  Two days ago I was preparing myself for an imminent hysterectomy and yesterday I blogged about where I’m at with my boobs and posted some pictures of how I look because I felt empowered to do so.

So I was waiting at least another 6 months for my reconstruction phase two and out of the blue I got the call this morning asking me if I wanted it done in twelve days time. I had my mastectomy on June 4 2013 and on January 25 2016 I will be more or less finished. 

This op will concentrate on matching my breasts symmetry and tidying up my abdominal scar. It’s funny for 33 years I’d never been to hospital before only to give birth and now me and anaesthetics are very familiar with each other. I’d never ever imagined I’d have so much plastic surgery!

I will carry on updating my journey with pictures after the op. 

Xoxo plastic surgery girl 


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