New year new me? Think I’ll settle for the old me. 

There’s been an influx in my inbox from companies and charities with the same subject line “New year new you.” Ugh!!! 🙄

Working in Comms, creativity is key. So I don’t like unimaginative phrases.  New year new you suggests there’s something wrong with you. Why would I want to be a new version of myself when I like the old version? It’s an attempt to make you feel guilty in order to obtain something from you. A marketing ploy. Should we not be learning to love ourselves and value ourselves more? Which brings me on to another subject. 

When did “she loves herself” become such an insult? It strikes me that if you truly love yourself and respect yourself in a non- arrogant way people don’t like it and feel threatened by your confidence. It’s crazy! There’s a huge division between full on  arrogance and thinking you’re wonderful, but people think anything more than modesty or putting yourself down is arrogance. Whatever! 

I’m feeling uneasy about my relationship. I call it that even though I don’t want to be labelled a girlfriend but it just makes it simpler to refer to it as that. I think I have too many problems going on to expect a man to be able to cope with it. It gives me a headache as I have to think of someone else and how they will deal with things. I feel that my life is just too crazy to be with someone and I’m freaking out and it’s making me distance myself. 

Perhaps I need a year to go by without surgery or scans or problems until I’m truly happy with someone… 


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