Battered and bruised.

I made it through phase 2 of my reconstruction. There was a lot of drawing on me beforehand which is always awkward! I still had a terrible headache even up to the point where they put me under. As always, I had no idea when  exactly I went to sleep. I only remember having my IV put in and then some sedative, then I started to feel out of it. I feel cheated as I never  get to do the counting thing.  

I woke up in a fair bit of pain, and I was a bit  emotional in recovery. I don’t think I expected my boob to hurt so much so it was a shock to be in so much pain. Thankfully they gave me a morphine type drip so I could keep pressing the button every ten minutes. This was relief and I felt really floaty and relaxed. Opiates are good for that!

I didn’t sleep though the night but  drifted in and out of sleep and had the most vivid dreams. Each time you  wake up from a dream you feel amazing! Euphoric even.

I’m very bruised. I had 2 IV drips in my hand. 1 drain from my breast. I’m bruised badly on each hip, on my thighs and badly on my boob. I had no idea an uplift would hurt so much! If you’re considering it don’t do it!! I think they cut some skin and moved the nipple up and then injected some fat I’m to it to give it more volume.  Here’s basically what a mastopexy (uplift) looks like. Although this is quite extreme, you can see the scar and cut and where they’ve moved the nipple up. I needed this because my reconstructed breast sits very high so they needed to lift my natural breast to match. 

  My hips and thighs had a lot of liposuction hence the bruising. My dad said he thinks anyone who has lipo is crazy because it’s brutal. Oh, and I woke up without knickers again! I think I had a catheter. I wonder how much dignity you have when you’re on the table? I’m  beginning to think not very much?!  

Here’s some pics. If your squeamish look away now.


my hip bandaged and bruised

bruised natural breast

So now for rest. I’m exhausted and only feel ok when I’m lying down. Moving around hurts too much. I honestly don’t think I want any more surgery ever again! Ok never say never…



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