To-Do list (nothing)

A rarity, but I’m blogging using my iPad today. I much prefer using my mobile I don’t know why, but actually this feels more like I’m writing-as close to  putting pen to paper anyway.

It’s funny how you can wake up feeling a lot better and feeling like you’re making progress post-op only to feel terrible again a few hours later. Effectively, taking 2 steps backwards-sigh 😓 

I am completely exhausted today, so much so that it’s doubtful I’m going to leave my bed and will probably spend most of the day sleeping. I know this is normal and part of recovery and I also know that the best thing I can do is be patient with myself. When you’re not doing anything and your bed-bound, time passes so slowly. Days can feel like weeks and it’s easy to trick your brain in to thinking you had surgery ages ago and should be feeling better by now. The reality is-I’m just four days out.  

 Food is not tasting particularly good  and I have little appetite which again is said to be quite normal after an anaesthetic. I feel like everything was put to sleep and everything is very drowsy. Tastebuds, my stomach, my intestines. Seriously I’ve been taking laxitives and drinking prune juice and nothing is happening.  My body is in protest- refusing to work properly for me. 


Still, onwards and upwards (and Netflix).


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