Pimp my ride (ambulance)

Things took of a bit of a downward turn after Friday. By Saturday morning I was in so much pain they had to call an ambulance. Yes I know, poor old me, my life actually sucks. 

Me and hospitals are like cheese and pickle-we just go together. I’m convinced somewhere on my hospital notes it reads “always here.” But as much as I felt like a fraud for being in hospital for acute pain in my  back, I was so worried and had got myself in such a state.

Anyway we rang NHS direct and the next thing I know they’re telling me they want to rule out  the possibility of a blood clot in my lung post-op. Two feelings came over me at this point re the ambulance ride. Embarrassment and excitement. How can something be so cool yet make you feel like a wally at the same time?(I can’t say this one was on my bucket list).

I had a few blows on the gas and air for the sheer hell of it,and the ride was bumpy all the way to the hospital. There was no siren. Although I was a bit gutted about the lack of siren, I figured they weren’t too worried about me which put my mind at ease. I thought about taking a photo as I lay there. I figured this was a special moment-a one off, but I didn’t want to be the first person to ever take a selfie in the back of an ambulance so I didn’t. 

was not ‘ere

Anyway to cut a long story short I’m ok. No DVT or blood clots. Nothing in my lungs or chest. There’s a lot of damage to the discs and muscles in my back and I think they were quite rough with me moving me around on the table last Monday. 

I’m now seeing a chiropractor as of last night as I needed some relief from all this pain. He said that all the muscles in my back have given up due to everything I’ve been through. Hospital stays lying badly in bed, operations, toxic medicines. Also my posture is bad and I’m very stressed and anxious. When your back goes everything is shit I mean I can’t even begin to describe this pain. I’ve had extremely painful cosmetic surgery, and given birth twice and this pain was something else. 

 I can only begin to describe the chiropractor appointment as some kind of torture! He cracked my neck and my back from behind which I wasn’t expecting hence the loud scream from me which must have sounded like I was being killed! 

Update: I went again today, to see Doctor Torture and I can’t believe how better I feel in 48 hours! It’s like a miracle. I literally feel like Jesus must have felt when he walked on water.  I managed to walk my dog for ten minutes today too and my bruising is fading!

Finally  I wanted to look a bit like a mermaid so I changed my hair. I hope you like it 🙂 

Things are looking up. X



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