Having cancer is so shameful. 

Ok that’s not true, but imagine if it was? How would future generations feel?

 We should be going forwards with openly talking about stigmas like illness and disease because we know that sharing information helps others going through it, and also lets people know it’s ok to talk about it. Not forgetting the more people talk, the more awareness is raised which of course saves lives. 

Not talking about cancer is a personal choice, but is keeping it a secret is the right thing to do? When people keep their cancer a secret it is generally because they don’t want others to pity them or make a fuss. It’s always referred to as dignified, something I’ve rarely been throughout my journey, but I’m not sure having cancer and dignity really matter? Is it really the right time to be on your best behaviour and worry how you’re being perceived?  Maybe being proud and dignified is sending the wrong message? Not everyone can cope with dying in that way- silence behind closed doors. 

There’s this Daily Mail reader opinion that people should keep things private and there’s praise for celebs who don’t talk about their cancer. But why? What are we all so bloody offended by? Why does someone’s candidness upset and threaten people so much? I just don’t get it. 

  All the celebrities who have passed away of late seemingly kept their cancers quiet. I think it’s a crying shame. People look up to celebrities and they can raise so much awareness of the disease for people diagnosed now and in the future. If famous people are not talking about cancer then many people will follow suit.   These are idols, people that the public trust and have fallen in love with. We, the general public are impressionable.  

What we don’t want is to go backwards and undo all the wonderful progress made by cancer charity campaigns which actively encourage people to talk about cancer. Nobody surely wants to go back to the 1950s when no one would even say the word cancer?!

People might not want a fuss, or to draw attention to themselves, but in 15 years another 2 million people will be diagnosed. Should we not make a fuss about them?

Rip to everyone lost to cancer in January xx 


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