Big C in the family 

So my uncle had cancer a couple of years ago and it’s back in his lung I think as they are taking part of his lung out. I get the feeling his prognosis isn’t great but I don’t know very much. We aren’t particularly close, but he’s certainly in my thoughts. 

One member of my family asked me how many stitches I had this time with a smirk. I get the impression that people think this is all fun and games and vanity, but it’s cancer related. I don’t know why I bother justifying myself. I know this particular family member was dismayed at the fact I wanted reconstruction in the first place. 

It’s so strange how people often tell you how  lucky  you are to be alive, and how you look or how you feel doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters. It’s easy to say things without putting yourself in someone elses shoes though. 

 It must be said that everyone has a opinion on everything and being a strong-willed but often sensitive person, I don’t like it when people give me their opinions when I don’t ask for them. Who does? Particularly when it’s not constructive. 

I’ve always maintained that breast cancer was like going back to being a child. Learning how to be an adult again and reacting to situations in an adult way has been a learning curve. This is something I will touch on quite heavily in my book because I think it’s not understood enough by others,and I’m sure it’s more common than we think, it’s  just people don’t see it, or allow themselves to feel and acknowledge it. (This is merely  guess work  by the way, just from watching how others behave and react to things when diagnosed). 

Anyway I’m so bored of being off sick now. I wish for some normality soon.x


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