World Cancer Day wish 

I believe World Cancer Day is open to interpretation, but my take on it is it’s a day to think about those affected and their loved ones. A day to fundraise or offer support to people with cancer. To remember loved ones who have passed, and to check yourselves for signs of male and female cancers. Particularly breasts, testicles and skin cancer.

There’s so much going on here, I wanted to focus on what I think is the most important factor while there is no cure and cancer numbers are set to double over the next few years.  


We can all support each other. Whether that’s supporting a loved one and just being there when they need you, or as a cancer survivor-supporting others who are newly diagnosed. You have experience and wisdom and a great gift. Use it! 

Being honest and transparent is so important, as is communicating more with people with cancer and not being scared to do so.

People with cancer don’t just need to be brave,  everybody else does too. 

It takes courage to change. 


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