Loose lips. 

Yesterday was world Cancer Day and it was such a wonderful day with a great presence on social media. I felt like it was my birthday and all the other people with cancer were celebrating with me. It’s not that I want or need recognition, it’s just very touching when people unite and care about a disease that affects so many.

Ever heard of the saying “Loose lips sink ships?” It comes from the Second World War. The majority of  soldiers  (many were volunteers) had no idea how to conduct themselves to prevent disclosure of important information to the enemy. Therefore the government established rules of conduct for the soldiers such as not talking about their service in letters home- keeping schtum about their duties- or else BOOM!  


We could all still live by this saying even today, although I’m all for expressing yourself freely and open communication. Sometimes it’s good to get things off your chest and just vent to others. But gossip is a different ball game as it can hurt the subject. 

The truth is we have all gossiped and talked about each other at some point and there’s not much anyone can do about it. But sometimes its worth pausing before engaging loose lips, because what you say in the heat of the moment can never be unsaid.  

There’s another saying I like:”this too shall pass” which can be applied to any negative thing going on in your life. However bad something is, it will get better. It’s kind of comforting, for me anyway.  X

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