The curious case of the supercharged nipple.

I know just the mention of the word nipple is kinda taboo and can give the prudes of the world a flushed face but I thought I’d share this tale with you as I need to get this off my chest- QUITE BLOODY LITERALLY!😩

When it comes to cancer and surgery there are things they just don’t tell you. So when these things happen,they can come as a shock! Some things are too graphic to talk about but I think I can get away with this one. 

When I had my second stage reconstruction two weeks ago I had my natural boob uplifted. They moved the nipple up slightly in the process. Beforehand the surgeon told me that I might lose sensation in my nipple. That didn’t really bother me. I’ve never been a nipple girl if you catch my drift.

When I came around from my surgery I noticed that my nipple was a bit swollen and (I’m sorry I really did try to think of another word), erect. 😩 The next day it was still this way and rubbing against my clothes. I tried to forget about it and get on with life but my nipple was just there like heyyy!

I’ve  realised that it’s been this way now for 12 days! It’s supersensitive and uncomfortable! My so called desensitised nipple is supercharged and super sensitive! How long will it be this way? Is this permanent? No one can tell me right now. But there’s going to be an awkward conversation when I see my surgeon.  “What the bloody hell did you do to my nipple?” 

 As uncomfortable as it is, it’s a funny part of the journey-an amusing anecdote which are few and far between when you have to go through cancer and have your body put back together-sigh. 

I’ll be sure to keep you updated with nipplegate. Pray for me x

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