Back off.

For the second weekend in a row my back is bad. 😢

 I was getting ready to go out when it just got stuck, gave way and spasmed. Nobody was here, it was very scary. The pain was so bad I thought I would  pass out before I could sit down. Sweat was pouring  off me as I hobbled back to my room and managed to ease myself down on to the bed. 

I can’t understand how this surgery has fucked up my back like this. I definitely think I did too much  yesterday. Even stepping down from the train to the platform was really taxing. 

So I’m icing and heating my lower back with frozen peas and a hot water bottle. What’s strange is the pain has completely moved from one side to the other! 

Now I’m beginning to  freak out, but I had a bone scan a while ago and it was clear. I can’t understand this new bout of pain though. What if the scan was clear then but something has grown since? I hate thinking negatively but I cannot stand not knowing reasons why things happen.  

I just want to feel well. I’m so miserable. 😦 


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