The passive aggressive p*ssies

There’s a new kind of behaviour on the block that I can’t stand. It’s the passive-aggressives. I call them passive-aggressive pussies because these people are just angry and don’t even have the balls to say it. They are usually non assertive and don’t like confrontation of any kind.  

  Plagued with insecurity inferiority and often jealousy, these people are so angry that they want to hurt you by saying mean things, oh but wait-you took it the wrong way they’ll say, even though they are aware of their pent up anger and passive-aggressive behaviour. Deny deny deny at all costs! 

I’ve found women to be the most passive-aggressive. Suggestions that I’m not capable of doing things when I’m more than capable, finding fault with how I look or insinuating I’m fat- said in such a way that’s bordering on kind. 

The problem with passive-aggressive people is that the only person who’s hurting is them. They don’t like themselves very much. And every sly dig that comes my way makes me feel powerful,more confident and more attractive. So who’s really benefitting?

I’m flattered that certain people are so pre-occupied with what I do in life or what I look like, but I can assure you I’m not pre-occupied with you. I’m just doing my thing.

Yes you pa’s are certainly slick with your delivery, but you should try being more direct with your anger or learning to love yourself a bit more. 


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