Facial hair, fatty and no sleep. 

I think some people get a little funny about me posting pictures of my semi-naked body. I wonder if they think I should keep my scars and reconstructed parts covered up? I don’t really know-and actually I don’t really care. If people feel uncomfortable with a cancer survivors body then perhaps they need to do a little soul searching. 

Anyway, tomorrow I start a hormone tablet called Provera in an attempt to try and reverse my womb lining thickening. At the moment it’s not dangerous but sometimes it can continue to get worse and worse and then there’s always a slim chance of womb cancer. So we want to get things under control. I will take this tablet for 3 months and then they are going to take another biopsy whilst I’m asleep and then insert the mirena coil. That should keep the womb lining thin while I’m on tamoxifen. It’s not ideal taking hormones but this is what I’ve decided is best for me as opposed to a hysterectomy which seems radical. 

Some pretty crazy side effects are listed. All pleasant as per. Weight gain, facial hair, insomnia. Mood swings and low sex drive. Hoping I won’t get any of those. Bloody hell sounds like a barrel of laughs doesn’t it?  

caroline on hormones or a man?
I had a good day today in terms of my terrible back pain. I’m hoping tomorrow’s yoga will start me on my journey to a stronger core and less back pain.  I’m doubtful though that it will reverse my permanently erect nipple! 😂🤔 (25 days now and counting)…


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