It must be love, love love (or maybe not)…

So it’s very deliberate that I’ve avoided talking about men and relationships for a while. If you’ve been following my blog over the years you will know that my stance on relationships and sex after cancer is that it’s extremely difficult. Firstly there’s the negative body image, then there’s trust, and then there is the important character analysing. Are they strong enough to cope with cancer, will they let me talk about it freely, are they put simply-up to it? 

 I have tried and believe me it’s not been easy. I am rather nochalent I guess and feedback is always that I’m too cool and don’t seem interested. The last guy I was seeing wanted a baby and to settle down and we’d only been seeing each other five minutes. That abruptly ended (obviously).

Since January I’ve been seeing someone else, which is all going well. I just really have to get used to letting someone in and spending time with someone else. I find it quite draining sometimes . 



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