A much better day. 

I’ve had a much better day today.

1. Got up at 12 for a hash brown roll (auto correct changed that to gash brown roll haha will laugh until the end of the post)! Oops not healthy but I ate half and then drank my smoothie to try to cancel it out! 

2. I had a makeover and my hair done and I feel so much better for it. Part of me thinks I look a bit like Catherine ZJ in Chicago but in some of the deleted selfies I look like Noel fielding. 😂


Noel or Catherine?
3. I’m watching Inspector Morse. Itv3 is my favourite channel, I was really sad when Morse died and John Thaw. I kind of wish he was my Grandad. 

4. I ate a custard doughnut. I wish people would stop bringing them round. They are so bad for you! If I didn’t know better I’d think people were trying to fatten me up!!

5. I’ve gone the whole day without a nap! I’m really pleased. 

6. Next weekend the plan (my plan) is to be well and mobile enough to go away to the coast and stay in our caravan. Even if it’s just for the day and I get tired and need a wheelchair it doesn’t matter. It’s only short term until I recover from my back surgery. 

Love and better days to everyone minus gash brown rolls x


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