Chemo 1 (7) 1 of the new regime, 7 of the bastards to date.

It turns out lunchtime is a very good time to have chemo as you get  free lunch and tea and coffee! I didn’t  eat anything on offer but I did find a nice vegan sarnie in the cafe. I also drank my special juice. The nurse asked me any reason why I was vegan. I said I’d done my research and decided it was the healthiest way of eating for me. Strictly I’m not even a proper vegan because it’s impossible to stick to 24-7 when I’m not able to shop and cook for myself, there’s bloody dairy products in everything! oh I also eat apiece of fish every fortnight which my dad insists on. Ok so looking less and less vegan by the minute. But let’s get real. Cutting out whole food groups and alcohol  is hard. 

I don’t drink alcohol, and I see no point in counting the 3 drinks I’ve had this year. 2016 has been alcohol free. Boring but wise. We all know the risks. Cancer and booze just don’t mix, it’s not really a sacrifice to make anymore. 

So back to the chemo. “We have to stay with you for ten minutes in case you go in to anaphylactic shock. The nurse said. “It’s very scary but it does happen.” Think of a wide eyed tight lipped smile, that was my facial reaction. The carrot juice will be my saviour I thought. I’ll be fine. (And I was just fine).

facial expression something like this
with a touch of sarcasm
They gave me steroids, which made me feel high and feel strong.  I felt like I could run out of the place. “No wheelchair” I said, “I’m walking out of here.” Oh and boy the steroids make you eat. I keep telling myself stop bloody eating, and it’s the evil steroids fooling me.

Anyway they told me prepare for some side effects from day 4, to last  around a week, it is scary having all this poison running through my body, but I feel a sense of achievement, a fist punch moment. One down.

Admittedly I am tired and if I don’t make it to the end of Midsomer Murders I think I can safely say that’s ok. Today was all in all victorious. 

Lara  Croft 1 -chemotherapy 0



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