Books, lady gardens and God bless America. 

Whoa, hey there blog! I can’t say I’ve missed updating this, as I’ve been having a lovely break doing other things. I’ve also been having a well needed social media break. It’s  amazing how much time you have when you aren’t wasting your life meaninglessly scrolling. So anyway I’ve been writing my book, which I’m never going to finish because I’m too lazy. It seems such a mammoth task!

On the subject of the book, I’ve found that writing continuously is very difficult. I’ve also learned that I’m better at writing in the now than writing about past events. I drive myself mad wondering if anyone would actually find this book interesting barring me, and then I ask myself if I am narcissistic writing a whole book about my life story? Of course it’s not about how amazing I think I am, tooting my own cancer horn, it’s an honest account, flaws and all, and its purpose is to help and support others. Nothing has changed though. The aspiration is still the same- to write a book, and that’s it. If I manage to complete it I shall be content.

A whole week has gone by since the last chemo. My mood is better and things are returning to normal again. My fatigue is terrible though. Walking for five minutes leaves me breathless because of my anaemia, and this heat is atrocious I can’t tolerate  it. Sorry to be hating on Summer but I constantly pray for rain. 

This chemo regime has been kinder to my looks than the last lot 3 years ago. I still have hair, eyebrows (sparse) and some lashes. I have no body hair (bonus), but it actually looks like I’ve had a brazilian wax down under in Australia! Chemo  kindly left me an actual landing strip and that’s  all!

To get my neat and tidy lady garden image out of your head, let’s go back to life sans social media. It’s actually  liberating not knowing what everyone is up to and so freeing not being bogged down with all the cancer stuff that I read daily. I think everyone should delete their apps once in a while and go cold turkey. There is simply more to life than reading about Sandra’s baby doing its first poo on the potty etc… 

So what’s next on the horizon? Next week I shall be in America. Can you believe it? (I can’t either). Then in less than two weeks time it’s my final chemo (hopefully forever but at least for a while, a break is a break)! Finally  I have another scan in August to see whether my cancer is behaving itself. Oh and I almost forgot,  I’m putting my house on the market and trying not to think about the stress involved.

Keep your fingers, toes and lady gardens  crossed for me 😉