Festifeel-ing all the love 

“There’s so much love and strength in this little family of independent women…”

I certainly let my fake hair down yesterday at Coppafeel’s Festifeel. I really wanted to go this year so I could:

  • Support a great cause
  • See the Stereophonics who I knew would get me dancing (even with dem old achy cancer bones). 
  •  Prove something to myself-that I can have fun and go a little wild with stage 4 (even the day after treatment).

Asking around at the last minute, nobody could make it and I’m not sass enough to go on my own- so, I asked my lovely twitter friend Lorna if she wanted to come with.”Yes!” She replied, I was so pleased; and so we met yesterday for the first time! We joked that it felt a bit like a Tinder date, but there was no awkwardness-it was just effortless. Lorna lives with with a long term illness but she is, I suppose, almost nonchalant about it. Like many other inspiring women who don’t have the luxury of being healthy, she goes out to work and just gets on with things. It is part of her life but it doesn’t define her life. 

In the dark tunnels surrounded by mostly happy young students, nobody was any the wiser that I was a young women living with cancer. I like that I can blend in,the fact that people can’t tell, and  avoiding those embarrassing head-tilting pitying faces looking back at me because I am sans hair and eyebrows. It’s also a pride thing too. I can drink, dance and jump around too, just like you! I will not let the cancer take any more from me than it already has! 

As the festival we met two lovely girls-both writers and poets. My very own personal poet Ella gently probed me with questions about my life and then typed a lovely poem all about little old me which made me cry big tears! (Definitely a mixture of Bacardi and a genuinely touching piece of writing)!

Even though cancer is sad, for me Festifeel epitomised loving life, which I haven’t been doing much lately-but if I’m honest, it couldn’t have been a better choice for my first major night out since my stage 4 diagnosis in March. 

Today I am bedbound, sexily squinting out of one eye as I type, and I’m not going to see much of this sunny Sunday- alka seltzer and paracetamols are my best friends. It was definitely worth it though. I made a new friend who inspires me to live better, and I learned that it’s ok to get down with the kids and dance like nobody is watching sometimes-cancer or no cancer. 

Thank you Festifeel. X