Hot and passionate about life-it’s the only way to be.

It’s only when you spend time with people who don’t give their cancer much attention, it slowly dawns on you how much you’ve let it dictate your life.

I’ve been slowly withdrawing from the cancer community-particularly in the last couple of months. Not because I don’t care but because I’m sick of making it the most important part of my life. I’m sick of being angry about my diagnosis and the awareness campaigns and the statistics. I’m tired of feeling bitter. It just sucks you up if you let it and you become obsessed. I try to avoid getting involved in discussions and reading others rants-I simply don’t feel as strongly or as passionate. I’m not going to attribute to changing the world and I don’t feel guilty about it. 

 I may be Caroline with incurable cancer, but that’s just a small part of my life. I’m also Caroline the mother, the blogger, and the writer from the heart. I’m the woman who used to play the piano and dabble with writing music. I’m the woman who is  passionate about mental health and animal rights. Cancer may be the biggest thing that’s happening in my life but I’m not going to make it my priority anymore.

These days I’m less passionate about my cancer and more passionate about my life. It’s not working out too badly… X