Carefree, cancer and the northern lights.

I’ve well and truly caught the travel bug. Of course most of us are not immune to its grasps, and I’m sure many of us would prefer to travel over being at work or living in our all too familiar towns doing the same monotonous things day in day out.

I missed my family in Australia sure I did-but I was safe in the knowledge that like me-they were also busy with school and socialising etc… Sufficient really without me, certainly not kids who want their mother all the time. I would do anything for my children and they me. Our time together is mostly a laugh a minute, apart from when they are being stroppy, and I adore their company. That said we are all fiercely independent with our own thoughts and ideas which is good as it means I get to travel without them sometimes. Whilst holidays together are great, they just aren’t old enough yet to appreciate all the places I love. One day I’m sure they will be; and thank god I had 2. Hopefully they’ll be companions for life.

The beauty of cancer (and I use that term lightly as cancer is ugly, but you know I specifically mean the positives) is the whole carefree attitude it brings- much more so with incurable cancer perhaps surprisingly to some. Living for today is more meaningful than ever as is living to the full while I’m well. Who knows when I won’t be able to have fun adventures anymore? If I think about it too long it worries me, so I don’t. Instead I keep challenging myself and planning my next adventure, although as I  mentioned it is addictive and there has to come a point where I slow down and take the time to appreciate the previous adventure and I also realise I don’t have a bottomless money pit. But for now at least until the new year I am going for it full throttle, not really caring too much about the consequences or cost (although ask me the cost one next month and I might disagree by then)!

I sometimes feel guilty that I’m constantly off enjoying myself but that’s only because I feel and look well and it’s easy to forget all that’s wrong with me. I ask myself am I lazy? What am I contributing to society or my legacy? But this is my life and as short as it may be I want to spend it living out my dreams having one long adventure. I actually think that’s an ok message to remember me by. I wasn’t scared to live life and take the bull by the horns and just go for it. I can’t think of anything worse than being in bed crying about my situation-or wasting days doing nothing. Perhaps that was me once but it’s no longer who I am anymore. These cards I was dealt suck but I’m still gonna try and win some money.

I was going to wait until the new year but googling “top places to see before you die”set me off! Nobody ever takes that before you die literally do they, the funny thing is I typed those words in and meant it.  If only before I die meant 45 years away, but that’s highly unlikely.

So…Tomorrow-I’m off to Sweden; part favour, part work, mostly leisure-a quick stay in Stockholm then off to Sweedish Lapland- Abisko where it’s only light for 3 hours a day! Apparently here there’s a good chance of seeing the northern lights as the skies are very clear here. It’s also very cold! Up to -12 degrees which I’m a bit worried about but nothing ventured… Now I’m not going to be too downhearted if I don’t see the lights but it would be wonderful if luck was on my side. I’m staying in a mountain cottage that hopefully has heating and it’s all so last minute that my excitement levels are through the roof!!

I will write again when I’m in Sweden hopefully with some pretty scenic photos to boot.. X