Why I don’t want your text, DM or Christmas e-card 

Ah it’s that time of year that’s violently thrusted upon us. A time of year that can be extremely difficult for people who through no fault of their own, cannot or don’t enjoy Christmas. I’m sure you can think of many people who are less fortunate than you who won’t be full of festive cheer this year. For people with depression, it’s extremely hard seeing everybody else having such a great time and enjoying themselves. People may feel guilty and wonder what’s wrong with them, but contrary to what we are lead to believe, it’s not the law to enjoy Christmas, and it’s Ok to say so without being a grinch and wanting to ruin other peoples fun of course!

Christmas with cancer is always a difficult one. Some of us don’t feel like  celebrating after finishing treatment which may come as a surprise to others. Some people are still having treatment and simply don’t feel well enough. For some it will either be knowingly or unknowingly their last Christmas. What do you do in this situation? Do you make it the best year ever or do you feel sadness and loss and not want to celebrate? There’s no right or wrong answers but, I do encourage others to contact their friends and loved ones, even to just say hello. It might be that you’ve been busy or you just didn’t know what to say to someone with cancer so you’ve kept your distance, but it’s never too late to make amends -after all Christmas is a time of forgiveness. Often all that’s standing in the way of contacting somebody is pride. But pride seems such a silly thing when it’s too late and that loved one is gone. 

In 2016 there are so many ways to reach out to someone but many of them are impersonal and require little effort. I can’t speak for everybody but I want you to pick up the phone or come and see me, because one day you won’t hear my voice or see my face. Texting me, messaging me through social media and sending me E-cards are all second rate and I don’t care for them.

There are many ways to show someone you love them or care about them but none really beat being there in person. Face to face contact. 

Thanks for reading.