Mexico and mets part uno

Hola amigos from sunny beautiful Cancun! 

I thought long and hard about this blog title-I tried hard to come up with a witty alliteration but this is all I could come up with I’m sorry! Yes; unfortunately I have metastatic cancer but lucky for me I’m currently 5 and a half thousand miles away in the Caribbean Sea on a 2 week holiday.

I planned this vacation (sorry but I’ll be using Americanisms throughout) with a great deal of forethought. I had to juggle all my appointments around the trip. I even had treatment the week before I went and an injection and oncologist appointment the day before our flight. To make things even more tricky, I caught a cold which turned in to a chesty cough-I really didn’t feel well at all. Anyway I saw my consultant and she said that my bloods were good and she believes I’m stable due to my consistent low tumour markers- the non aggressive treatment I’m on is working. Phew. It’s always worrying when you’re not on chemo if your cancer is stable and it’s been four months now since I had my last one. 

I don’t think many people understand quite how strange it is to have stage 4 cancer and feel normal and ultimately well. I feel myself getting defensive sometimes because I don’t want to be treated any differently now. I don’t really like being reminded of the bad stuff. I feel good, and I’m just going to different places in the world enjoying myself. When people tell me that I’m so good going away and living my life and another pet hate say “good for you,” it makes me feel like shit. Am I meant to be crying at home that I’m stage 4 and waiting to die? It doesn’t really work like that. I know people mean well and I’m certainly not angry about it; in a nutshell I just feel that nobody knows what the future holds. Maybe I’ll live for ten years! Don’t write me off please. I always say it’s about quality of life not quantity and mine is extremely good and I’m exceptionally lucky. 

So anyway there’s the health update so now on to the subject at hand. I’m in Cancun and its hot and sunny and we are in a hotel that fronts a beach so there’s a lovely breeze that sweeps across the resort. The sea is a beautiful turquoise and the sand sparkles in the sunlight. I’ve been drinking pina coladas by the gallon- no tequila yet but watch this space. I always loved Mexican food and was lucky enough to eat amazing authentic food in the Mission district in San Francisco. From then on I’ve always been a bit disappointed with English chains-they just don’t cut the mustard or should I say the jalapeño! Since I’ve arrived here I’ve been eating nothing but Mexican food for every meal and it tastes amazing! Nachos,fajitas and quesadillas are coming out of my ears and I’ve eaten my body weight in guacamole (which I keep telling myself is ok as its healthy). 

 The hotel is gigantic, each section  of the resort is miles apart. There’s so much to do that you could just stay here for two weeks and never venture outside. The staff do everything for you. They bring drinks to your sunbed and food is served all day long. There are 14 restaurants so you have plenty of choice. There’s even 24 hour room service which is all inclusive and full size bottles of alcohol in the minibar. Unlike other all inclusive resorts it never feels over crowded and it’s not hard to get a sunbed. Even the pools seem quiet but that’s because there are so many!  I’m not one to lay on the beach and do nothing for 14 days though, I always need to venture out and explore. 

After a lot of consideration we’ve decided to swim with the dolphins. It goes against what I believe in really as I believe they should be swimming in the wild not in captivity but research suggests they are well looked after, in a very large lagoon and mostly born there. Apparently the dolphins get involved with the people when they want to they aren’t made to do anything. I really wanted to swim with one as I love them so much-I just hope I’m making the right decision and I don’t regret it. 

Anyway,thankfully I’m feeling a lot better than I was and my cold is on the way out! I wonder if it’s all that guacamole?! There’s nothing better than a bit of vitamin D though is there to sort you out? 

I’ll be blogging part two of our Mexican adventure next week.


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