Mets in Mexico (part dos).

Well Christmas is over and I’ve got to be honest and say I’ve never felt less Christmassy in my life, even though they pulled out every stop here in Cancun-putting on a huge buffet spread on Christmas Eve for 1200 people. Not sure if it’s the average temperatures of 28 degrees centigrade or the fact that Mexican people don’t seem bothered about the festive period- but regardless, I can honestly say escaping the madness back home was nothing but a blessing, it’s just been completely chilled here and I haven’t missed a traditional Christmas at all! We didn’t even have presents to open on the day, but we did have cocktails by the pool and a bloody awesome foam party! Then, in the evening in search of some tasty American grub, we went to TGI Fridays in a limo (not requested by the way it just turned up) and we ate a huge feast of things far removed from a traditional roast dinner but yeah-there’s no contest in my eyes. Spending Christmas in Mexico was absolutely amazing and I’d love to do it again one day.​

I’ve been to many places around the world and stayed in a lot of all inclusive resorts but none have been quite as good as here. They really look after you here-you want for nothing. We’ve been eating like gannets, fillet steaks, tacos, Italian gourmet food, pizzas, gelato,cakes-it’s all included so we’ve more than been making the most of it! I feel that the staff here would do anything for you-nothing is ever too much trouble. I tip everywhere I go. Taxis, bellboys, waiters.  it’s nice to tip around 50 pesos or so, (that’s around 2 quid). I feel like I tip in England all the time even if the service is bog standard but since I’ve been here I realise that people actually really deserve their tips so I’ll only be tipping if service is good back home from now on.

Cancun is very touristy but there are so many other places to visit here. We took a boat ride over to the island 13km from Cancun to Isla  Mujeres  which was simply stunning. The water was crystal clear and dazzling turquoise-it’s a great snorkelling spot. I also reluctantly visited the dolphinarium here and we swam with 2 dolphins. They had lots of room in their own closed off part of the ocean and I felt they were really looked after here. Even though they seemed happy and healthy and were born in to captivity I couldn’t help but feel sad that they were effectively caged in. I didn’t see anywhere for them to seek shade, and I wondered if performing  tricks all day every day was fair on them or, any different from elephants in a circus which I’m dead against. It’s indeed played on my mind since I left, and I couldn’t help but feel guilty that I’d paid around 400 pounds plus more for photos in to a huge money making scheme which to an extent is exploiting one of my favourite animals. Perhaps the dolphins love their environment and feel safe and happy, but perhaps they don’t. I just don’t know for sure nobody does. Also is there much difference between dolphinariums and zoos? They’re both educational  and for our pleasure and entertainment-should I boycott zoos too? The fact is I can’t undo the experience, but I think I will always regret going, because those Dolphins COULD have been happier swimming free  in the ocean. You live and learn.

Our last full day in Mexico will be spent at Xel-ha (“shel-har.)” regarded as one of the worlds natural wonders. A beautiful ecological aquatic park. 

I find it very hard to relax on holiday but laid back Mexico really has been rejuvenating! I would recommend anyone who is in search of relaxation, beautiful beaches, stunning islands and natural attractions, mexican culture by the bucket load and wonderful authentic Mexican food to come and visit during the drier months. My recommended areas to make your base would be Tulum Playa del Carmen and Isla mujeres 

Mexico you’ve been magnificent! 



  1. Denise Paulsen

    Thanks for sharing! The resort looks amazing. And you’re having a great experience/adventure. I mean that’s what life is all about Caroline, and you’re living it to the full with the people you love the most. The pic of yourself and the girls is just lovely. You all look like sisters. No kidding! You have a beautiful family. I really appreciated this. Have a safe flight home. xoxo


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