2016: My highs and lows.

A cliche but hasn’t this year gone so quickly? They say time goes by at an alarming rate when you’re having fun-I think it goes by quickly when you’re busy-and busy would be an understatement for me this year. 2016 taught me that I don’t need to be scared, and I am capable of doing anything. It also taught me that escapism is a wonderful thing for me and it doesn’t mean I’m running away from anything I’m just enriching my life.

The year did not start off well and you all know of my shocking unfortunate diagnosis back in March. I would lose my hair all over again and endure horrible chemotherapy for the second time. This time around was different though. I didn’t complain, I didn’t seek sympathy-I just got on with it. I pushed through the bad days and continued on with my life visiting Scotland and France and New York whilst in the depths of treatment. I realised that I was able to have a life with secondary cancer even at my weakest, and travel was something I loved and helped me to forget about cancer. It dawned on me that the more I travelled, the happier I felt and the more normal I felt. I became stable and in August I finished chemo. As the drugs started to remove themselves from my system, I began feeling a lot better and travel became even more enjoyable with more energy. I went on the holiday of a lifetime on a first class seat to Sydney and Queensland. I met friends and did everything that a person without cancer would be able to do. Hell maybe more?! I don’t know if everyone would travel 10 thousand miles on their own but I feel fearless now. I guess cancer does that to you. I hadn’t been back long when I decided to go to Sweedish Lapland and see the northern lights. Talk about a contrast in weather! Then we jetted off to Mexico for Christmas. I promised myself I’d use this break as an opportunity to relax and I did exactly that. 

So this year was my year of travel, and I’m ending it feeling well and happy but mostly grateful that I’m still here and able to have such wonderful experiences. It was also the year I decided to make cancer treatment revolve around my life not the other way around which isn’t always easy at times but it’s no life making everything about cancer and treatment it really isn’t. 

Tonight I’ll be celebrating life quietly with champagne and my family. The worst year of my life didn’t actually turn out too badly, and I hope next year leads me on more exciting journeys and my health remains good..

Happy new year everyone.



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