Making plans is always risky, but I can’t stop taking risks because of cancer.

Even though my last brain scan revealed mixed results, (which has not best pleased me), I decided after a good two days of on and off crying to suck it up and just hope that there’s something in the magic box of tricks again. There is the possibility of surgery, but part of me feels I’ve had enough of all that; if you want a rundown I’ve had a mastectomy, two reconstructions, a spinal fusion from a fracture, and a port put in my chest. Enough surgery for anyones lifetime really. A brain op is scary, but on the plus side, having the big tumour removed would ease my worries and I’d feel more in control if I didn’t have to think about it for a while. The trouble is though, in time, it will come back. As always, there’s a lot to think about but if I’ve learned anything from my doctors it’s to not rush ahead with my thoughts. Take things as they come. I’m not very good at that, but it’s definitely something I try to improve on constantly. 

Anyway with so much going on and being thrown in to the depths of scan hell again, I’ve been keeping myself busy making travel plans for the future. It’s always risky making plans too far in advance because absolutely anything can happen. Still I’ve booked a trip to Naples this month which isn’t far away and the wonderful thing is I’m feeling extremely well and energetic-the best I’ve felt since January. When you’re well it’s just so easy to daydream that this is how we will feel forever, so you know, I get excited and book stuff! I can’t let cancer stop me making plans, I just can’t. 

Barring making travel plans, I’ve very recently  got in to amateur photography. The best purchase I’ve made this year is definitely my DLSR camera! I’ve had so much fun with it already, sourcing scenic places to visit to snap. I kind of wish I’d bought one years ago. At the moment I’m a bit obsessed with bluebells and rapeseed although sadly the bluebells are all on their way out now so I didn’t capture them in their finest glory. Still, I love this shot I took of the girls. 

An action shot with not a lot of action as I can’t actually jump! South Downs

It’s always nice to blog a happy upbeat post. To tell you the truth these kind of posts always make me smile as I write. X