My name is Caroline. In 2013 at 33 years old, I was told I had aggressive grade 3 breast cancer. The cancer had already began to spread and was in my lymph nodes. I had surgery, plastic surgery, chemotherapy radiotherapy and a year of herceptin and 5 years of oral medication. During treatment I carried on with life, as a mum and decided to help as many other young ladies I could so they didn't feel lonely. My last scan showed no evidence of cancer so I see myself as cancer free for now. I decided to write a very honest blog about my journey then and now with breast cancer. I felt that my privacy and embarrassing myself was not an issue if people could see the real deal of cancer. Thank you for reading.

A huge blow.

I felt that I should write something here or rather update you, although I don’t want to go in to much detail. This is unlike me I know-I am not really one to leave things out or keep people in the dark. I’ve always been open and honest in a bid to help others with […]