My name is Caroline. In 2013 at 33 years old, I was told I had aggressive grade 3 breast cancer. The cancer had already began to spread and was in my lymph nodes. I had surgery, plastic surgery, chemotherapy radiotherapy and a year of herceptin and 5 years of oral medication. During treatment I carried on with life, as a mum and decided to help as many other young ladies I could so they didn't feel lonely. My last scan showed no evidence of cancer so I see myself as cancer free for now. I decided to write a very honest blog about my journey then and now with breast cancer. I felt that my privacy and embarrassing myself was not an issue if people could see the real deal of cancer. Thank you for reading.

My inner critic

4 people said to me this week that I’m too hard on myself. The woman I go to see at the Cancer Centre says the same. She’s my counsellor. How many of us are our toughest critics? I started seeing her to talk about all my cancer worries and to try and deal with the […]


Gone too soon.

cancer is shit. But it’s exceptionally shit when someone dies of cancer at a young age. Yet people accept they’re dying with such grace and lightheartedness I am in such awe of their courage.. If it were me I’m sure I’d be angry at the world if I was told I was terminal. So how […]


My Cancerversary

This week marks my cancerversary. There’s no hidden meaning in that it means exactly what you’re thinking. It’s one year since the day my world fell apart and the doctor said “You have breast cancer” I dedicate this post to friends, to the new friends I made, the doctors and nurses who looked after me, […]


Mismatched attraction

I’m wondering is attraction generally mismatched? By that I mean boy meets girl boy likes girl a lot but girl is not so keen as he acts too interested so she backs off and vice versa. Obviously it can’t always be like this or we wouldn’t have relationships and marriages today, but is modern day […]