breast cancer

“Be happy and talk.”

“Be happy and talk. ” Such simple words but so meaningful. This was a quote today from Lynda Bellingham the celebrity who is terminally ill with cancer.  She is brave she is funny even in the most tragic of circumstances. She encourages people to talk about cancer and all of its embarassing physical and emotional […]


Taking the control back.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about how addicted I am to talking reading and writing about cancer.  It’s literally taken over my life. I don’t feel bad about this because it’s seemingly normal. It’s not yet 18 months since diagnosis so it’s relatively early days with regard to the shock factor. There […]


Lost my mojo

I appear to have lost my blogging mojo of late not sure why. Anyway I forced myself to write today with a hangover. God I hate hangovers.  In your thirties they are just vile. I must have drank too much last night and momentarily lost control because I managed to knock a painting off the […]