Where is the love? (graphic sexual content)

This post is going to be blunt and might make you blush. 
I’m going to write it anyway.

I’m sick of men thinking with their dicks talking to me like I’m a piece of arse.  I’m specifically referring to online dating.

I have an online dating account which i don’t really use but Occasionally I do log on and trawl through the messages. I say trawl because I do get a lot of messages as I’m sure most women do, mostly though from undesirables.

I know I have high expectations. But I don’t want to meet up with men who have no respect for women and are purely  thinking about their next shag. Ugh.

It’s not even that I’m a prude,  sex is really important to me in a relationship and I have quite the imagination and way with words
But alas,  I constantly get bombarded with messages like “I’ve got a big dick” and  “I want to bang you you’re a milf.” It gets me down.  Ocasionally the odd nice guy will message me and by nice I mean they don’t talk about the above as I can’t say if they’re nice I don’t know them only their online persona.

Nice guys in real life don’t really go for me.  probably because I’m often quite  bold and have opinions.  I know that a lot of men prefer a meek quieter woman and I totally get that,  anyway as per I’m digressing.

What happened to old fashioned nice guy who wants to woo a woman? I don’t just blame men I blame women for setting the direction all at it like rabbits before the pubs closed on the first date.
Online dating should just be renamed online casual sex or plenty of perverts.

I remain despondent.

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